A Long-Gone Cereal

Cereal boxes have provided entertainment and amusement for decades, especially boxes of so-called children’s cereals. I say so called because many of them are, [or were, in the case of cereals no longer in existence] also eaten by adults. And some cereals are meant for all ages, but their boxes are geared more to kids than to grownups.

There was, however, a cereal, manufactured by General Mills for a short time in the 1960s, that was definitely made for children. This cereal, called Twinkles, was shaped like stars, and had a story on every box featuring the adventures of an elephant named Twinkles and his friends. The story began on the front, and was continued in three pages on the back. The purpose was to entertain children while they ate.

How do I know about this cereal? Did I actually eat it and read the stories myself as a child? Did I hear about it from an older member of my family? Or have I just recently learned about it online? My lips are sealed, or perhaps I should say (type) my fingers are still.

Although this particular cereal did not last very long, it is still historically significant. It has the distinction of being the first to have the Big G symbol on the box. (I enjoy finding out about first things.) daily prompt


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